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We are Southern California's leading choice when it comes to eliminating and exterminating insects and rodents. We provide the best solution to ensure current and future elimination of pests.

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A Team Pest & Termite Control
 boasts over 20 years of combined experience in insect control services. We provide effective pest control services to protect homes and business' from unwanted pests.


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Rodents are recognized as disease carriers which make them a health hazard to the humans. A rodent population in your will grow steadily, reaching unmanageable numbers in a short period of time.

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We are committed to keeping insects in their place: out of your way. If they return between treatments while under our warranty period, we will re-treat the infestation for free.

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We provide a professional approach to constructing superb service quality which meet budget and goals of our customers.

Rodent, Rats, Mice, Mouse Exterminators | Rodent, Rats, Mice, Mouse Control Service

Rats & Mice (Rodents) Control Service

Having a home or business that is infested with mice and rats can be a major health risk.  Rodents carry as well at transfer diseases that can serious health implications for humans. These disease carriers are nocturnal and are often found hiding in attic at night. They like to chew on wires, infect food, and transfer diseases.

Bed Bug Exterminator / Fumigation Service | Bed Bug Removal

Bed Bugs (Bed Mites) Extermination

Bed bugs are insects commonly found residing in beds and other area where people sleep in.  These insects are very active during the night and highly prefer to devour on human flesh causing skin rashes and heavy irritation.  Frequently these bugs are found in places where people sleep such as beds, sofas, recliners, etc..

Attic Clean Up and Decontamination Service | Decontamination Rats, Rodents, Mice, Mouse

Rodent Clean Up & Decontamination

After the rodents are eliminated from the home or office, it is imperative that the proper clean up and decontamination is performed. Failing to take the proper procedures of decontaminating the affected area will cause the rodents to return.

Roaches Exterminator | Pest Control Removing Cockroaches | Pest Extermiation Service

Roach Fumigation Service

With our customized home and business protection plans, you get to enjoy the very best in defense against roaches. After conducting a comprehensive inspection, our team of well trained professionals will be able to prescribe a customized combination of treatment methods that will eliminate these unwanted creatures.

Quarantine Containers Fumigation Exterminators - Commercial Fruits, Vegetables, Food, Edibles

Quarantine Fumigation

A Team Pest & Termite Control
 is highly known for providing commercial quarantine fumigation services. Our professionals are fully trained, licensed and approved to service enclosed areas. With over 50 years of combined experience; A Team Pest & Termite Control
 is truly a company you can depend on.

Spider Exterminators | Fumigation For Spider | Spider Control

Removal Spiders - Fumigating

Spider bites result in various symptoms such as irritation, pain and local redness. While these can be easily treated at home using over the counter pain relief medication, it is nevertheless wise to rid your home of spider infestations.

Non Quarantine Fumigation Services | Commercial Factory Fumigation Service

Non Quarantine Commercial Fumigation

A Team Pest & Termite Control
, has over 50 years combined experience in keeping pests away from commodities, cargo, homes, warehouses, businesses and other facilities. Our free inspections are aimed at enabling quick detection of the risk areas for various pests.

Flies Exterminators Fumigation Service

Flies and Gnats - Insect Exterminators

Flies and gnats are insects that possess a pair of flight wings and hind wings. There are over 120,000 species of flies in the world today. Most flies live an average of 21 days and will take on many shapes and sizes with certain biting species being difficult to control. Flies are commonly found in homes, restaurants and food processing facilities.

Ant Control Service | Ant Colony Removal Service | Ant Fumigation Service

Bees and Wasp Removal - Exterminators

Bees like to build their hives on roofs, walls or on objects such as trash cans. The best way to prevent having bee problems in future is by removing the hive. This will involve removal of all the honey from the beehive, treating and suppressing the smell of the hive, and thereafter repairing and proofing the location. Do not just kill the bees without removing the honey as this is likely to attract other bees to the location.

Ant Control Service | Ant Colony Removal Service | Ant Fumigation Service

Exterminating Ants - Fumigation Service

Ants operate as a unified entity, collectively working to support the colony. It is difficult to completely eliminate an ant infestation using ordinary insecticides. This is because you need to get enough pesticides inside the colony to eliminate the queens and their brood, and not just deal with the traveling worker ants. It is important to deal with all the colonies in a particular location simultaneously, in order to avoid having the problem recur in a couple of months. To get the job done right, consider investing in the services of a professional ant exterminator that can fully remove these pests from coming back.